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What is the IonQ Quantum Cloud?

IonQ Quantum Cloud is a cloud-based quantum computing platform provided by IonQ, a company specializing in quantum computing. Quantum Cloud platforms are online environments that allow users to access and run quantum computing experiments and algorithms remotely.

IonQ is known for developing trapped-ion quantum computing technology. Trapped-ion quantum computers use individual ions as quantum bits (qubits) to perform quantum computations. IonQ Quantum Cloud provides users with access to IonQ’s quantum computers, allowing them to run experiments, test algorithms, and explore quantum computing without having to own or maintain quantum hardware.


By creating an account through RCC Quantum, users get free access to the IonQ Quantum Cloud to start running quantum circuits and algorithms on IonQ Simulator. Your account includes:

  • Free access to IonQ ideal state simulators, supporting up to 29 qubits
  • Free access to IonQ Aria and IonQ Harmony noise model simulators
  • Members only resources and events

Accessing IonQ Quantum Cloud

The University of Chicago researchers can request access after reading and signing the IonQ trial access agreement  and submitting a signed agreements to AURA. Interested applicants can use the following steps to fulfill the request.

  1. Download IonQ user access agreement form, then complete the necessary information.
  2. Adhere to the step-by-step instruction  for submitting your request to AURA.

Contact us at, and a member of the RCC will be pleased to provide assistance.

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