Get Access to Quantum Machines

Our quantum computing user base spans a spectrum of experience levels, ranging from beginners to experts in quantum computing. The majority of users are affiliated with the University of Chicago. These user groups leverage their quantum computing expertise to explore a diverse range of applications, employing various programming languages, quantum-classical programming techniques, and multiple software environments. Projects undertaken by these users encompass a broad array of applications, including proof-of-principle demonstrations, new method development, and the evaluation of application performance through benchmarking. Currently, the researchers can access two quantum hardware technologies through RCC, IBM Quantum (superconducting qubits) and IonQ Cloud (trapped ion technology).

IBM Quantum

The IBM Quantum Network refers to a collaborative initiative led by IBM to create a global community of organizations and researchers involved in quantum computing research and development. The IBM Quantum Network aims to accelerate advancements in quantum computing technology and applications through collaboration, shared resources, and joint research efforts. Learn more.

IonQ Cloud

IonQ Cloud refers to the cloud-based quantum computing platform provided by IonQ. IonQ is a company that focuses on trapped-ion quantum computing technology. IonQ Cloud allows users to access and leverage IonQ’s quantum computers remotely through the cloud. Learn more about using IonQ quantum resources through RCC.